Moving Tips

Although your Blue Chip Moving & Storage move coordinator will be happy to answer all of your questions, learning a few tips from the pro's never hurts. Here is a list of 12 moving tips for you to browse over and get a feel of how to make your moving experience fast, easy, and stress-free:

  • Buy Packing Supplies
    If you are performing some of the packing yourself, you will certainly want to have too many packing supplies rather than too little. Boxes, bubble wrap, packing foam, newspapers, and packing tape should all be stocked up.
  • Start Packing Early
    The earlier you start the less you will be running around as the moving day approaches. It is always a good idea to pack items you don't really need or use on a daily basis ahead of time (think pictures, decorations, etc.).
  • Mark All Boxes Appropriately
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but in the hustle of packing sometimes you forget to label a box according to its contents. This not only helps when you are unpacking but it also helps the movers load it with other similar boxes
  • Sell/Throw/Give Away Items
    You may start getting sentimental but the truth is you don't need some of your belongings anymore. Try making some money off them by throwing a garage sale and give away what you can to friends and family.
  • Arrange for Utility Disconnection
    Depending on the season you will want to keep your heat or air conditioning on, but pleasantries such as internet and TV can be disconnected well before the moving date. Use your best judgment to not pay for an additional month.
  • Plan for Your Pets
    Are you going to board your pets or drop them off at a friend or family member's house during the move? Planning ahead will be a considerate move for the person watching your animals and for the animals themselves.
  • File for Change of Address
    As obvious as this may seem, the process of actually going to the Post Office to fill out the form can be difficult once the moving days gets closer. Take care of it ahead of time and you can check it off your list.
  • Have Fun!
    The best way to take the stress out of a move is to find the fun and excitement during this transition in your life. Play loud music, make-up fun games to play, moving can be a good time if you want it to be!