Seasonal Storage

When summer is at its peak, most people have no problem with keeping their outdoor gear and tools within reach in the yard or house. As the warm days pass and you spend more time inside, those items start to get in the way. Rather than tripping over these things or stuffing them into overflowing closets, you might want to consider keeping them in local storage.

Blue Chip Moving is a South Bay moving and storage company that offers comprehensive storage services at our facility. We know how important it is to find a quality storage company for your belongings. Our storage facility offers pickup and delivery services and allows homeowners to drop off their items, if preferred.

If you are still on the fence about getting offsite storage, check out some of the many benefits of this service!

Improve Usage of Space in the Home

If your family has smaller items that they want to keep indoors over the winter, such as scuba gear or lawn games, it can lead to overflowing closets. Keeping these items in secure crates at a nearby storage company allows you to use the storage spaces in your home for other belongings that are currently in-demand.

Less Crowding in the Back Yard or Porch

The same applies for your backyard, porch, or garage. You may be tempted to keep everything in the garage, but this stops you from storing your car inside during the coldest part of the year.

Protecting Equipment from the Elements

You may also be tempted to simply leave items outside, perhaps covered by a tarp to keep the worst of the snow off. However, this exposure to the weather can still cause damage to pricey lawn care equipment, like lawnmowers, trimmers, or even, power washers.

Secure Local Storage of Valuable Equipment

When you have a lot of expensive equipment that you use in the summer for lawn care, tree trimming, or cleaning property, it can be worthwhile to place it into storage when not in use. Our local storage facility boasts fire and theft protection systems to protect client’s valuables when in our care.

Affordable Rates for Seasonal Storage

When you compare the costs of storing something offsite to the costs of storing it on your property, you may find that it is very cost effective. The space in your home that is used for storage, ends up being area that you can’t use for work or relaxation.

No matter your reasons for seeking a South Bay moving and storage company, we can help you with arranging for short- or long-term storage of your belongings. Give Blue Chip Moving & Storage a call or fill out our online form today. A friendly representative will help you schedule a complimentary consultation with price estimate for storage.

Seasonal Storage