Downsizing Your Home

Let’s face it. Living in Los Angels is expensive. So, if you live in the area you might be going through something very common: downsizing. Although you might not want to leave your current home, there are some really great benefits to moving into something smaller.

Does downsizing your home make you feel, well, down? Here are some upsides to pick you back up!

Upkeep is Easier

The larger your home the more property you have to take care of. Think of all the time you will save on mowing the yard, gardening, cleaning, and general home maintenance. 

Debt-Free Living is Possible

What could you do with the money you’ll save on mortgage payments? If you play your cards right, you could pay off a small mortgage sooner or get rid of outstanding credit card debt. 

You’ll be Retirement Ready

Less property to care for, no mortgage, and debt-free living makes retirement much simpler. Although you might want a large and expensive property now, your future self will thank you for downsizing!

It’s Time to Travel

Have you dreamed of buying a vacation home? Downsizing might make that dream a reality. If not, you could always put some money aside for that paradise vacation you’ve always wanted. 

Less Environmental Impact

If you’re concerned about the impact your home has on the environment, then downsizing will help you rest easy. Smaller homes use less energy and are easier to convert to more sustainable resources. 

Enjoying the Simple Life

Many people are getting behind the minimalist way of life. Less property means less stress, and that’s always a good thing. If you’ve wanted to declutter your life, downsizing can be a great way to start.

Are you downsizing? Our moving company can help!

Although there are many great reasons to downsize, moving can be a pain. When you need a Los Angeles moving company that will provide you with an easy and affordable transition, go with Blue Chip Moving. Our San Jose residential movers are proud agents for Mayflower Transit, which means you have the expert resources you need including packing, loading, delivery, storage and more! 

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