As one of the most utilized and high-traffic areas of a home, the kitchen is filled with high-priority, useful items, like dishware, cooking utensils, expensive appliances, food, and so much more. It's also where we wind up storing unneeded things we've accumulated over time, such as outdated or broken cookware, surplus container lids, and other random odds and ends. As a result, the kitchen area can seem like a perfect storm of chaos and disorder when it's time to get ready for a move—which is why it's always best to have a plan of attack in place, long before moving day arrives.

If you're getting ready to relocate and feeling intimidated by the idea of packing up your kitchen, don't panic! The professional team of household movers at Blue Chip Moving & Storage is here to help you get your home organized, whether you're planning a small apartment moving project or a large, multi-family home relocation.

To help you get started, we've put together the following list of useful moving tips for making kitchen packing a smooth and easy experience.

#1: Separate Your Kitchen Essentials

To begin preparing for your move, create a separate bag or box of the basic kitchen essentials you'll use during the packing and moving process. Consider including a small pot or pan for cooking, a spatula and eating utensils, a couple of plates, bowls, knives, and cups. Also, make sure to set aside supplies for washing dishes and cleaning your refrigerator, floors, and surfaces before the move.

In the days leading up to your move, try to consume as many perishable food items from your refrigerator as possible. You'll want to clear out your refrigerator as much as you can before it's time to unplug it and clean it out, which should happen at least 24 hours before moving day.

#2: Create a Kitchen Moving Timeline and Stick to It

All well-organized and efficient moving processes require a detailed moving timeline, and nowhere is this more important than in the kitchen. A moving plan will help you determine the best way to begin clearing out your kitchen, starting with the items you don't often use and working your way to the items you use the most. By packing in stages, you'll be able to use your kitchen as needed—without halting or interfering with progress.

#3: Evaluate and Eliminate

Once you've come up with a moving schedule that works for you, turn your attention to larger, rarely used and never-used items, like toaster ovens, unwanted dish sets, etc. Determine what you're going to keep in your new home, and what is merely taking up space. Give away, sell, or donate the items you no longer use, and then start packing kitchen items you want to keep before moving on to items you use on a more frequent basis. Then, clear out your junk drawer and your refrigerator, and throw away any expired or spoiled food items.

#4: Clear Out Your Spice Rack, Liquor Cabinet, and Pantry Areas

One or two days before your move, begin packing up your non-perishable food items, spices, and bottled liquids. Make sure your products are sealed well and packed in tightly to prevent bottles from breaking, leaks and spills during transport, and use clearly labeled, well-made cardboard boxes that will hold up during the moving process.

#5: Clear and Clean Out Your Refrigerator Last

When it's time to tackle the refrigerator before a move, consider which food items you should take with you and which ones you should leave behind. For example, unless you're moving down the street or to a town nearby, you probably want to give away or throw out your frozen items, as well as fruits, vegetables, dairy, or meat products that spoil quickly.

Moving appliances requires careful forethought and preparation—so, at least 24 hours before moving, make sure to disconnect and clean out your refrigerator. Be sure to place towels on the floor to soak up any water that may leak out as the freezer defrosts.

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