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Whether you're still on the fence about moving to Santa Monica or finalizing the last details, rest assured that this move could be one of the best decisions of your life. The community is not only a favorite tourist destination, but also a haven for those who enjoy local connections and a greater quality of life. The treasures that Santa Monica offers its short-term visitors have greater value to those who can enjoy them year-round.

As a Santa Monica moving company, Blue Chip Moving knows the area well and has helped thousands settle into their new slice of paradise. Check out our guide on some of Santa Monica's best features!

Oceanfront Recreation

Play volleyball with friends at Santa Monica Beach or improve your run time at Palisades Park. Take an after-dinner stroll on the Santa Monica Pier and play a few games with family at Pacific Park.

When you move to Santa Monica, these world-famous attractions become part of your normal routine instead of quick vacation stops. Plus, with average highs of 71 degrees and lows of 51, the weather won't stop you from experiencing the best outdoor life.

Tons of Inland Activities

The best of Santa Monica is not just limited to the coastal areas. Residents can also enjoy the Downtown area for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Splurge at the 3rd Street Promenade or indulge at the Downtown Farmers Markets.

For more adventure, go hiking, camping, or horseback riding in the Santa Monica Mountains. With so many options, you'll need years to fully experience the richness of Santa Monica.

Small Community

Santa Monica is 8.3 square miles with a population of around 93,000. This makes it a small city when compared to nearby Los Angeles. The community gets even smaller when you plug in and get involved.

Aside from business or trade organizations that may strengthen connections, the governing City of Santa Monica enables its citizens to be interactive. Residents can stay informed through the website, social media, and the Santa Monica Talks blog. The city also offers citizen engagement programs like the Community Police Academy and People's Academy that teaches how the local government works.

Great for Business

Business owners benefit from both the city's residents and the 7.3 million visitors who come each year. With strong retail, technology, healthcare, and hospitality/tourism sectors as well as enthusiasm for supporting local establishments, you might want to consider moving your business here! Our Santa Monica commercial relocation service for office and corporate moves makes the transition easy.

Paradise is Attainable

The median rental price in Santa Monica is less than $1600 per month. Combined with a median income of $67,060 and additional job opportunities in neighboring cities, moving to Santa Monica is completely doable.

Blue Chip residential and commercial movers are excited to help you realize your dream of relocating to the area. In case you're already here, we also handle local moving in Santa Monica. Give us a call or request a quote through our online form to get started!

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