Moving itself is challenging…moving with pets can be even more so.

Lakewood movers, Blue Chip Moving, move hundreds of families each year. We know how hard it is to move your pets. To help you manage your furry family members, we have put together a few tips.

Preparation: If your pets are not used to riding in the car or used to their car carriers, it is a good idea to get them better acquainted with it a few weeks before. Start by putting them in their carrier then slowly take them on longer and longer car rides.

Moving Day: On moving day, things can get chaotic. Put your pets in a bathroom or room that they can’t get out of. Make sure you have a sign that tells people to not open the door. This will help protect them from getting in the way of movers.  Be sure to give them plenty of food and water and let them out to use the restroom and under strict supervision.

The Move: Never leave your dog in your car.  It can be especially dangerous for them.  Keep them hydrated but be careful to not give them too much water.  Let them have a favorite toy to entertain themselves.  Be sure to stop and let them out periodically to stretch and use the bathroom.

New Home: When you move them into your new house, find a room to make theirs.  Place all of their items in it so they feel at home.  Slowly introduce them to the rest of the house.

Moving with pets can be a challenge, but it can be managed.  Use these tips to help keep them safe and healthy throughout your move.

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